A lyme disease rash

“It was dark. A ceaseless shower of white-hot embers was drying my hope. This was my feeling after that tick with lyme disease chose me.” - Anonymous living in the UK

"I had accepted that I was dying... And literally under my breath, I was like, God, help me keep my head above the water." - Avril Lavigne

“Such a silent evil thing.” - Shania Twain

“I’ve personally found that an anti-inflammatory diet notably helps to reduce my symptoms. I’ve also found yoga and stress reduction hugely beneficial, but far from a cure.” - Karl Bode from Medium Journal

The total number of Lyme disease in the UK has increased to 8,000 annual cases in 2019 from 2-3,000 cases in 2012, a trend that has gained popularity after celebrities with lyme disease publicly exposed their experiences. 

Today the prevention of Lyme disease implies avoiding certain areas during the summer and applying insect repellants. However, when you get stinged by ticks with lyme disease it becomes critical to promptly intervene with the right antibacterial antibiotics.

When it reaches chronic stages, the treatment for lyme disease can become a very painful process as antibiotic treatments might weaken the immune system. It is down to the patient to make a change in the dietary routine to boost the immune system.

If taken daily, the high concentration of flavonoids and anti-inflammatory properties makes the Propolis Tincture a strong candidate to support the immune system in case of chronic illness. 

Here our article on a complete list of propolis benefits.

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I couldn’t live without my electrolyte supplement. It helps keep my body balanced and hydrated.


Definitely my daily supplement of Vitamin D and Vitamin C. I need to give my compromised immune system (from Chronic Lyme Disease & multiple co-infections) as much support as possible to help fight this and improve my health.

Max Noir

I have found that a daily supplement of Turmeric has immensely improved my health in regards to Lyme-disease-related pain, gastro-intestinal issues, and overall reduction of inflammation. Turmeric has successfully replaced all of the antibiotics and pills that I used to take in order to maintain a healthy and painless gut that was deeply damaged due to chronic Lyme Disease.


Didn’t know about propolis so well :) May take tincture drops into my medicine cabinet after this treatment. At the moment I am recovering with antibiotic plan…thanks for sharing this…;)

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