How does the BVT Lyme Treatment work?

“It didn’t hurt a lot”

“When I take any medicine and/or treatments that address the lyme disease, I start to shake and that’s when I know it is working”

What is the treatment? The treatment implies self-stinging the sides of a spine with 10 honeybees, one bee for each sting. 5 stings on the right side and 5 stings on the left side of the spine. After stinging, the bee leaves a stinger and the sack. It takes around 15-20 minutes for the stinger to fully release the venom into the body. After 20 minutes, the stingers can be pulled out as the sack will be empty.

The treatment is usually applied 3 times per week over a period of 2-3 years.
Every week you basically need 30 new honey bees as they die after the sting.

Does it work? Bee venom is more effective than antibiotics, although there isn’t scientific proof as there are no clinical trials. It is tricky to prove that it is lyme disease. Doctors believe that there is a misconception that the symptoms actually come from lyme disease.

What are the symptoms of lyme disease? Wide ranged symptoms, that’s why it is often misdiagnosed. 

Chronic fatigue, severe pain, body ache, muscle stiffness, joint pain, neurological issues like a feeling of unreality, paranoia, depression, anxiety, tremors, some people lose the ability to walk.

What kind of bees do you need for BVT? Honey bees / Female bees, that are in the last 2-3 weeks of their life cycle.

When did you start having benefits? It really varies based on the severity of the disease and body reaction. At the end of the first month, there is no evidence of any benefits yet.

However, after the first three to six months of consistent treatment some of the lyme disease symptoms start to fade out. 

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