Why to buy propolis to boost immune system

Bee lovers all around the world will call it the “bee glue”, this is because of its sticky consistency. This is the one of the magical compounds found when you mix the bees within our botanical world together.  

"In our home there is always someone that leads the house duties. In the bee world, these would be the Mason Bees."

Resin bees, a type of Mason Bee, would fly on injured trees to collect the resin to protect their hive from water, bacteria, viruses and other external threats.
Once the resin bee arrives home with its prey, they leave the prey for worker bees to start salivating the resin and mixing it with beeswax.
"This is when bee and plants properties glues together and the result is a secret mixture: the propolis."

This mixture is a healthy bomb that includes resins (50-70%), oil and wax (30-50%), pollen (5-10%) and other chemical compounds like minerals, vitamins B, C, and E, flavonoids, phenol, amino acids, sugars. It’s fascinating how we can protect against external threats on our immune system also by learning how plants and bees protect their selves against their external threats.


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