Propolis dose per day

As food supplements to support the immune system are taking their place among people’s medicine cabinets, it becomes important to be informed on the correct dosage. 

Since propolis is recognized as a food supplement in the wider spectrum of apitherapy treatment, there is not a clear and scientific based statement on a specific limit of propolis daily intake. 

The average suggested intake of propolis tincture (tincture is when propolis is extracted from an alcohol based solution) for an adult is ranging between 15 to 30 drops per day. But it also depends on how do you take propolis. In case of direct drops of propolis tincture in the back of the throat or on  the tongue, a dose of 15 propolis drops a time (for instance in the morning) is a suggested intake. More than 15 drops in a time may also taste very sore and stay in the tastebuds for more than a reasonable time. However when you take propolis tincture inside food or diluted in liquid it becomes more accessible a dosage of 30 drops a time per day.

On the other side, the hydroglyceric propolis (when propolis is extracted from a water solution) is less powerful than tincture. In this case a dosage of 30 drops a time a day can be easily considered for direct intake in the mouth or tongue or throat as well as in food or diluted in liquid.


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