Propolis in London

Adam is a 34 years old eco-enthusiast riding every morning towards his office in Canary Wharf from his flat facing Greenwich park.

7.15 am, his alarm clock rings. Adam promptly jumps out of his bed and prepares his high-protein breakfast based on eggs and a whole-wheat muffin.

8.00 am, time to go to work. He is now ready to pick up his bike and ride through Greenwich foot tunnel. There are a few obstacles throughout his 20 minutes journey. The first obstacle is a slow truck driver, however Adam handles it very well with an athletic stride in between the cars.

The second obstacle is a traffic light just turned red at a congested injunction.
Adam doesn’t like to waste time, so he takes advantage of the waiting period and quickly checks on his e-mails on his smart phone… he realises that a conference call is scheduled at 8.30am.

8.15 am, time to speed up. Adam normally arrives on time, however due to the rush hour traffic, he knows better to speed it up as he cannot miss that call.

8.20am, arrived in Canary Wharf. Good job, Adam! Now it’s time to lock your bike, take the elevator, go to the 15 th floor to take your call.

"Sometimes, you can feel as though you’re doing your best to keep your lifestyle healthy, like Adam." 

Unfortunately, there can be exogenous factors that are totally out of your control.

"For example: exposure to pollution, physical and mental stress along with many other threats due to living in a big city."

These external threats let free radicals prosper in your daily life, if you are feed the right information you can take the right precautions! Increase your knowledge and take the right measures to prevent!