Propolis is the result of the incessant work of bees

"Bees are eco-friendly"

Every spring day each hive’s bees visit around 225,000 flowers. They contribute to complex, interconnected ecosystems that allow a biodiverse environment to exist.

A single hive hosts a colony of at least 10.000 bees in the winter, which grows to 90.000 bees in the summer.

Bees pollinate billions of plants every year, which is translated into fruits and vegetables on our table.

"Around 30% of food that we eat comes from bees’ incessant work."

Bees are responsible for the production of many seeds, nuts, berries, and fruit, which serve as a vital food source for wild animals.

Their role as pollinators is vital in the growth of tropical forests, savannah woodlands, and temperate deciduous forests. Many tree species, like willows and poplars, couldn’t grow without pollinators like bees.

Don’t you think they deserve a gift like a new flower in your garden or balcony?