About us


Beedrop ltd is a propolis and bee-related products distributor based in London.
We daily strive to onboard high quality local beekeepers to make sure that people who live in the city have access to natural bee products to support their healthy lifestyle. 


Beedrop's mission is to deliver right to your door bee-related products as part of your daily healthy lifestyle. With a great focus on urban healthy lifestyle. 


Beedrop care about your healthy lifestyle and we have 3 main values that are the faundation of our spirit. 

  • We are Persistence. “Little routines make great results” #BeePersistent
  • We are Protection. “Investing in your health will protect people around you" #BeeProtective
  • We are Social and eco-Sustainable. “Feeding the value chain around bees will support the botanical world outside cities and will increase the level of health in the society within cities”. #BeeSustainable