Brazilian Green Propolis


When it comes to applying a holistic approach to improve your own well-being, it becomes important to pick the products that give an effective immune and healing response in your body as well as keep a balance with other treatments and routines. 

This is the reason why we decided to take a step forward and collaborate with a 30-years experienced beekeeper from Southern Brazil to make Green Propolis more accessible. Green propolis grows in tropical climates and its resin mainly comes from Baccharis Dracunculifolia, a medical plant that grows in the lowland of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Brazilian Green Propolis is a rare natural product that has been backed by extensive laboratory research over the last 10 years mainly for its peculiar chemical compound: Artepillin-C

Artepillin-C is a phenolic acid that stands out as it potently activates human transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 (TRPA1) channels. TRPA1 is a protein located on the plasma membrane of cells and its function is to elicit pain in humans. The acidic taste of green propolis is led by Artepillin-C, which triggers the activation of the TRPA1 protein.

The activation of TRPA1 has been the subject of scientific studies, which concluded that Artepillin-C exerts strong antioxidant activity, which leads to immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory functions.



Here below, we have identified the three best green propolis products to support a holistic healing journey, due to their highest level of chemical compounds conservation and flexibility of intake.  

  • Alcoholic extract / Tincture. This is the most adopted as the alcoholic extract is the best candidate to keep unaltered chemical compounds over years. The main use is a diluted/non-diluted oral intake. It is also used in aerosol treatments and applied externally on wounds.
  • Hydroglicerin extract. The water extract is considered a valid alternative to the alcoholic extract for people who cannot intake alcohol. The use case is the same as the tincture, although less effective in external wounds.
  • Raw dry propolis. It is a good candidate to support detox, but also an ingredient for skin and oral care products. 

As the acid taste represents the main trigger to activate the protein TRPA1, the recommended dosage refers to daily, oral and non-diluted intake. It would be preferred to double the dosage for diluted intakes. 

The standard recommended dosage for propolis extract was originally recommended by Dr Yves Donadieu, a pioneer in apitherapy nutrition. As for any other bee-products, in case of allergy it can cause serious anaphylactic reactions.

Propolis extracts. 30 drops per day of direct oral intake. 

Raw dry propolis. 500mg per day.


Green propolis supply is limited, we will be happy to guarantee the availability of both extracts and raw propolis at accessible prices.
Let us know where you live and how much propolis do you regularly consume or plan to. Delivery available from December 2020 to the UK, Europe and the United States.


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