Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pre-order? 
Pre-order is a sign-up form (around 10 seconds to complete) and doesn't bind you to purchase any product. After the sign-up, you will receive an e-mail with the Priority Code that will be valid for the first purchase starting from 16th April 2020.

What do I receive with the pre-order?
- No matter how high demand there will be during the on-sale, we will reserve a stock for Early-Beedroppers
- Access to other products from local beekeepers. As we deal with local beekeepers, they only have limited availability of products. Therefore, we will only give the opportunity to buy these products to a selected audience (like Early-Beedroppers).
- Fast Delivery. We prioritise the delivery of Early-Beedropper' orders

When can I buy?
We will open the store on 16th April 2020 at 12pm CET. From that time you will be able to process your order.

What can I buy?
A package with 4 bottles (20ml each) of propolis for your daily prevention over a 3 months period.

Do you have only propolis?
New products will be also released, but limited availability products will be prioritise to Early-Beedroppers.

Can I buy a single bottle of propolis?
No. We believe that prevention is a daily exercise that can only be pursued with a strong routine. Our Beedrop packages allow us to support and advise you to make sure you do the right prevention every day.

How many drops should I take?
For 12 years old and above, we recommend 30 drops every day on an empty stomach. Every product is labelled complying with EU legislation (2002/46/EC) for food supplements. The label includes the dosage recommendations.

Is it natural?
Yes, the product is 100% natural and comes from bees grown by local beekeepers.

Is it safe to take propolis?
Yes, unless you are pregnant or anaphylaxis allergic. Under 12 years old we recommend a reduced dosage.

What’s the difference between the propolis with and without alcohol?
There are two types of dilution:
1. Tincture - alcoholic. Stronger effect, recommended for adults
2. Hydroalcoholic - alcohol free. Lighter effect, highly recommended for children.

Do you deliver in my country?
We deliver in the UK and all EU countries.