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Poplar Propolis Trybox - Tincture + Hydroglycerin

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Propolis Tincture extracted with alcoholic solution (1 bottle of 20ml):

- Strong honey aroma with a smooth sour tone

- Good for weak immune systems

- Ideal for high exposure to seasonal influenza


Propolis Hydro extracted with hydroglyceric solution (1 bottle of 20ml):

- Honey aroma with a sweet tone

- Good for children and healthy immune systems

- Ideal for low exposure to seasonal influenza


The extract includes 30% of natural propolis from Central Europe. 

Recommended dosage: 30 drops every day


What will you receive?

Beedrop box including 1 bottle (20ml) of Propolis Tincture and 1 bottle (20ml) of Propolis Hydro for a total supply of 45 days.